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Different Office Sign Options – What Is Best For Your Business?

Simply imagine that you are walking into a doctor’s or lawyer’s office where you are on the verge of spending thousands of dollars on their services. You are walking up to the reception desk and seeing the brand name in cheap plastic lettering. Will you have a solid feeling? Or will that give you confidence? No, definitely not. On the other hand, what if you see a professionally designed office sign? It will inspire confidence in you, won’t it? Don’t you want to give the same confidence to your clients as well? If yes, you can trust the sign writing team of Sign and Fitouts for your office signage needs. Whether you would like to display your business logo on your office wall or need perfectly designed reception signs, we will take you through all the custom signage options available to you.  When it comes to designing custom business signs, we use our in-depth industry knowledge to give your office sign the impact needed to look great and stand out from the rest. 

Reception signs - Signage Melbourne - Custom sign - 3D signs - Office sign - 3D lettering - Sign and Fitouts
Window frosting, privacy window film, window graphics
Signage Melbourne - Custom sign - 3D signs - Office sign - 3D lettering - Sign and Fitouts

But, What Are The Different Office Sign Options Available? Let Us Uncover It!

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are ideal for professional offices as they can brighten up and add interest to any area of your premises. We create stunning wall murals and custom wallpaper design that can turn your dull-looking walls into work of art. If you have a blank wall space, why not fill it with our custom wallpapers?

Custom wallpaper, wall sign, wall graphics
wallpaper, wall graphics
Custom wallpaper, wall sign, wall graphics

Reception Signs

While outdoor illuminated signs are always responsible for drawing the attention of customers, attractively-designed indoor signs can provide complete information about your business and create awareness about your service or products. Of course, indoor signs can also assist your clients and customers with navigating your facility without any hassle. Moreover, you can highlight your best selling products and promote your brand and guide your clients with our reception sign, acrylic signs, vinyl lettering and posters. you are not limited to only to a rectangle signage, we may design many types of office signage as a custom sign, it can be illuminated signage in shape of your logo from acrylic or a solid painted sign with backlite from aluminium, brass and steel or even rusted timber. 

3D sign, Reception sign, Acrylic signage
3D sign, Acrylic signage, Reception sign
Signage Melbourne - Custom sign - 3D signs - Office sign - 3D lettering

Window Graphics

If you are operating your business in a multi-office facility, you would definitely want to make your business stand out from the crowd, but how can you achieve it? Well, you can consider using window signs designed by sign maker team of Sign and Fitouts. Our seasoned sign experts can deliver informative window decals and durable window graphics and one way vision that enhance your brand visibility and complement your advertising efforts. 
If you are serious about providing a high-level of privacy to your clients and customers, it is worthwhile to invest on our window frosting films that are available in a wide range of shades, types and grades. Other options that you can consider would be decorative office privacy window film and create a window graphic print and cut out of window frosting film that are great for reducing glare, diffusing harmful light and providing prive to your office. 

Window sign, window graphics
Window frosting, privacy window film, window sign
Window frosting, privacy window film, window sign

Pull-Up Banner and A-Frame

Pull up banner are versatile indoor signs as they can grab the attention for your upcoming event, promotion or campaign, and can make your message highly noticeable to new clients. Whatever your intention to designing a roll up banner, we have several options available for you to meet your goals and desires.

Our signwriter team garners necessary details and discuss on your needs to design roll up banner or pull up banner, giving your business a boost. Remember that a perfectly-designed signage can fulfil several roles, which is why we make many grade and sizes for Pull up banners from budget to premium. 

Roll-Up Banners
A-Frame signs, sandwich board, sidewalk A-board sign
Pull up banner

Posters & Flyers

Over the years, posters and flyers have become the optimal choices for many businesses to build interest with their potential and established clients. At Sign and Fitouts, we specialise in flyer and poster printing of all sizes, shapes and layouts. Our posters are incredibly effective and are a favourite choice for promotional, wayfinding, navigational purposes and construction sites.

Calatogs Printing
Calatogs Printing
Signage Melbourne - Custom sign - 3D signs - Office sign - 3D lettering - Sign and Fitouts


There can’t be anything attractive and professional than vinyl lettering to educate your potential clients about your business. Our highly impactful vinyl letters are cut from a high-quality vinyl material and can adhere to most surfaces from walls and ceilings to windows and floors. Likewise, we also design specially engineered 3d letters that can deliver more dimensions for your office. For an added-effect, we will incorporate back lighting and lighting fixtures while installing the 3d letters. This makes it easier for your clients to find your business among the crowd. 

Vinyl sign writing, business sign, window graphics
Window graphics, window decals, window sign
3D letter sign, Acrylic signage, office signage

With a reliable team of signwriting specialists, Sign and Fitouts is ready to walk with you through the office signage process. From initial concept discussion to design, fabrication and installation of your office signs, we will customise our solutions, exactly reflecting your needs. Call us at (03) 9484 7694 for your free consultation on custom signs