Tips to Design an Eye-Catching Outdoor Sign for a Business in Thornbury

Do you know that the best way to attract customers to your business in Thornbury is via the use of outdoor signage? Think of your surroundings as a theatre, your brand being the star. Proper business signs in Thornbury grip your customers’ attention, leading to more inquiries and sales.

Effective signage tells the story of your brand. Sign & Fitouts, renowned sign makers in Thornbury, discusses more in depth some of the factors to consider when designing signage for your business. Signwriting is an art which is acquired after a profound experience in the signage industry. Look for signage company near Thornbury or signage Thornbury to locate us and our experts are one phone call away to help you with your signage.

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Opt for an Easy-to-Read Font

The moment you sit down to create custom signs is when you will realise that there are literally thousands of different fonts available for use. Some fonts look unique, but they can prove challenging for clients to read, especially if they are not in your reception.

As a business owner, you do not want your local customers at Thornbury to miss seeing your signage just because they are not legible. The trick here will be to avoid using unnecessary loops and cursive fonts. Consider the spacing of the font when dealing with 3D letters or when thinking of using Serifs.

Choose a Large Font Size

Determine where you will place the indoor sign or outdoor sign. Will it be at the front of the shop, at the entrance or inside the business premises? Whichever location you choose, make sure that the font is large enough to be read by people driving by or walking in or walking by your official business premises.

Many people will not stop by a shop sign to read what it has to say. They would rather be able to read the print from a few feet away.

Another important factor to remember is that not all your clients will have perfect 20/20 vision. Therefore, the larger you make the business signs, the simpler it becomes for potential clients to read it.

Keep in mind that a 3-inch font can only be read by individuals who are thirty feet away, while a 10-inch one can be read by people a hundred feet away.

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Always Go with Bright Colours

A bright colour garners more attention as opposed to a dull one. For instance, choosing a pastel colour means that there is a likelihood that it will blend with your shop’s background.

On the other hand, red is a colour that will attract anyone’s attention. It immediately grabs the attention of any person walking by the signage Thornbury. Yellow happens to be one of the most visible colours to the naked eye, while neon signs work best when dealing with teenage clients.

You will have to select a colour that will not only attract attention but one that will also help you stay true to the brand. In many cases, the outdoor signs Thornbury you place out on the road will differ with the reception signs that you place inside the office.

As such, you need to take a moment to review the reason why you are designing the business sign, even before you choose colours to use.

Every business sign needs to have a logo or image accompanying it. Images and logos help to grab attention. But if you are ever in doubt of what to do, always reach out to Sign & Fitouts for tips on what to do and what to avoid.

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