How to get more impact on your shop signage?

Window sign, window graphics

How to get more impact on your shop signage? Easy. We got an order for shop sign in Northcote, Melbourne.

Effective shop signage

Each sign impacts a unique group of visitors. Shop front signage impact is more on pedestrian on opposite footpath and all motorists. For attracting people passing the shop window we need more, pedestrian can not see the shop front from that angle. We used window sign and under awning double sided light box sign to bring attention to the shop. You can not miss a light box sign when you are looking forward. Even in darker hours, illuminated signs have more impact and its visible from both directions of footpath.

Time is important

We usually use only branding on this type of signs. The message should be delivered in less than 5 seconds, same as shop front signage. Now we attract people to our shop window and it is time to get them more information and maybe some advertising about the business or products.

Image or Text

Images and words are both helpful, some people attract with images and some like to read, then we should consider both to design a window sign or window graphic.

shop signage, panel sign, business sign
shop signage, under awning light box sign, window graphics

Each signage and each advertising tool, has some impact on specific target audience, then when you are looking for high impact on variety of possible customers, you should use any tool to get more market share from all audience.