Giving Thanks With a Custom 3D Donor Tree for a Community Service Project

Fabricated donor tree, Custom 3d sign

Sign and Fitouts were approached by Hope Street Youth Centre to create this challenging and artistic design for their Melton Centre; a tree recognising the community service centre’s donors. 

To achieve this, we first used our CNC router to cut a medium-density fibreboard (MDF) panel to the desired shape. Next, using the CNC router, each leaf was engraved with the name of an individual donor or business that has supported the Centre’s worthwhile cause. This was a creative and imaginative way for the Centre to show their appreciation and gratitude to their supporters. Lastly, the sides of each leaf were painted in the Centre’s signature cool blue colour.

For this project, choosing the right material was key to achieving the finished look. MDF is an engineered wood material that adds a touch of authenticity to this innovative 3D Sign

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