Bringing the Spirit of Peaky Blinders to Life with a Custom 3D Illuminated Shop Sign

Custom sign, illuminated sign, Backlit sign

The Peaky Blinders Barbershop in St. Kilda came to Sign and Fitouts seeking a Custom 3D Illuminated Shop Sign that would create an inviting, comfortable environment for their clientele. We decided on a backlit Illuminated 3D Sign that would capture the inimitable spirit of the shop’s namesake. 

For this project, we used PVC Foamex, a versatile, rigid material that is easy to cut and shape. We grooved interconnected channels in the back of the sign, where we placed LED lights. Then, we mounted a CNC cut 6 mm black acrylic sign on top of the Foamex. This created a backlit ‘halo’ effect that exudes a gentle warmth.

Foamex Signage has many advantages. It’s cellular structure makes it a lightweight option that has an impressive weight to strength ratio, allowing for easy installation. Foamex is sturdy and durable yet economical, making it ideal for either permanent displays or temporary signage

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