Removable 3D Sign and Cost Effective Solution

3D letter sign, Fascia sign, Building sign

Lily’s Early Learning Centre in Hopper’s Crossing wanted to rejuvenate their brand image and approached Sign and Fitouts to help design, manufacture and install their new 3D Sign.

Problems may arise between landlords and business owners if, after the expiration of the lease, removal of signage causes damage to building structures. In many cases, the cost to fix damage to the fascia can greatly exceed the cost of the signage itself. So it is important to consider both the material for the signage and the method of installation, to ensure less hassles down the line.

Our qualified workshop staff decided to use a CNC router to cut 3D letters from an aluminium composite panel (ACP). Aluminium panels are a 3mm thick, lightweight, sturdy product ideal for use on building exteriors. They can be applied to the building using double-sided tape on aluminium cladding, which ensures a safe and easy removal in the future.

For this client, we also opted to overlay the 3D letters with polymeric print and laminated vinyl to match the sign with their brand colour. Our workshop houses a huge range of paints and colours. However you can also choose to opt out of overlay and let the sleek aluminium make its own statement. 

Aluminium composite panel signs are a great signage option for building exteriors as their durability ensures they fare well in most weather conditions and are very cost effective

The folks at Lily’s Early Learning Centre were delighted with the finished product!

At Sign and Fitouts, we work with you to create a product that will suit your needs. Our Preston-based workshop features a range of state-of-the-art equipment that can help you design and produce your custom sign from scratch.  Contact us today for an obligation free quote.