Make The First Impression The Best One With Building Signs

You would have seen this scenario in several movies – there will be a creepy, isolated building that seems to be haunted. The door bafflingly opens to expose the old window, threatening the onlookers. Does your office building resemble the same and appear unappealing? If so, you may opt for a new building signage designed by the sign writing experts of Sign and Fitouts. Our custom business signs can give your building a complete makeover and transform it from being overlooked to noticeable. You may think that simply painting your front door can give your building the best makeover, but why not take a step further and consider installation of custom signs for your business?

Different businesses have different needs, when it comes to building outdoor signs. Your brand, competition, location, budget and target audience will have a great impact on the decisions you make regarding your outdoor signage. When you work with Sign and Fitouts, you will have a professional signwriting team that will evaluate your business premises, calculate the space and recommend the creative design ideal for your brand. From the initial consultation through to installation, your dedicated sign maker will handle every aspect of the sign making with great care and caution. 

sign installation, Building sign, panel sign
Building signs, Panel signs
Building sign, panel sign

Other Types Of Building Signs:

Our sign writer recommends a sign design depending on the type of your business and location. We also ensure that the signage we design will set you apart from the crowd. This means that our factory signage will entirely be custom crafted and lend you a cohesive touch. 

Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signs such as Light box sign, LED display signs, neon signs and LED signs  allows your store to be noticed irrespective of day or night. They are known to boast a longer lifespan and incur lower maintenance cost, making them perfect to light up any business, especially restaurants, hotels, theatres, shopping malls, night clubs, gas stations and more. Signs and Fitouts can create a wide assortment of illuminated signs in different configurations and colours that are effective in drawing the attention of your target audience. 

3D illuminated shop sign, Carwash signage, acrylic sign
Light box sign, Illuminated sign,
Signage Melbourne - Custom sign - Sign maker - Sign writing - Sign and Fitouts

Banner Signs

No one can deny the fact that the banner signs have the power to hold the attention of the passers-by and direct them to your brand. We offer banner signs when we need a huge flat sign in one piece. At Sign and Fitouts, we can create all types of banners such as vinyl banners, mesh banners and Flex face banners with effective graphic design in large format printing

Building sign, panel signage
Signage Melbourne - Custom sign - Sign maker - Sign writing - Sign and Fitouts
Banner, fence sign, mesh banner

3D Lettering

No one can deny the fact that the 3d lettering have the power to hold the attention of the passers-by and direct them to your Building. Perfectly-designed and cut 3d lettering is one of the easiest ways to achieve a high-impact Building signage. Available in a wide range of materials we may cut such as aluminium, brass, acrylic, plywood, timber and many more. Metal signs and acrylic signs may be fabricated for more depth or return. The dimensional letters can make your Building signage unique.

Factory sign, 3d acrylic sign, Custom building sign
Custom sign, 3D building sign. Acrylic signage
Building sign, Business signage

Window Signs

No matter if you own a retail store, shopping mall or an office complex, your building windows can be used to promote your business among potential customers. Irrespective of your business type, our window graphics designers can provide ideal window signs, one way vision and window decals that match your business goals and let you effectively advertise your message to potential and existing clients. We also design and install window frosting films that help ensuring the privacy of your business. 

Window sign installation
Window sign, window graphics
window sign, shop front signage, window graphics

Wayfinding Signs

If you don’t want your customers to experience the frustration of being not able to locate your business, installing wayfinding signage can be the best bet. With our directional signs, you can make their first visit to your business convenient and hassle free.  Whether you want a simple panel sign and vinyl sign or a complicated pylon sign with special structural and architectural drawings, we can design anything that helps getting your business noticed. 

Panel sign, Business sign
Signage Melbourne - Custom sign - Sign maker - Sign writing - Sign and Fitouts
Panel Signs

What Features Should Be Considered While Designing a Building Sign?

By now, you would have learnt about many types of building signs available at Sign and Fitouts, but not limited to these types and materials, you may ask us to design a custom made signage and signage design for your business needs. what features are exactly needed while designing a building sign? Travel with us to uncover the secrets behind creating a custom signage for your building, warehouse or factory.

Minimal Design

If your building sign looks too clumsy, people will ignore it. So, using a minimal design an using eye-catching details will make your sign stand out. if you get the main message of a building sign in less than 5 seconds, then you have a high impact and eye catching signage on your building.

Complementary Colours

Using light graphics on a dark background and vice versa allows your building sign to stand out. Business signs in bold, vivid colours can also give your building a rejuvenating look.

Size Of The Building Sign

When creating your building sign, finding the ideal size is extremely crucial to have potential impact on sales. Settle upon the size that is readable and practically visible to the motorists and pedestrians. 

So, if you want a partner who can assist you in designing and installing the most influential signs for your building and looking for a signage company in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to call Sign and Fitouts at (03) 9484 7694 for your free consultation.