CNC Routing Services

Are you on the lookout for professional and best-in-class CNC routing service for your business? Here at Sign & Fitouts, we offer CNC routing services for clients all across Melbourne. Our Experts Providing high quality and fast CNC routing services.

Material Range

Machining on any piece and creating cutting-edge graphics from a range of materials is not an easy task, let’s admit. But at Sign & Fitouts, we’ve learnt the art after years of experience and have surprised our customers with our unique graphics and expertise in working with any kind of material –AC Panel, acrylic, PVC, aluminium, plywood, MDF, engineering plastics, MDF and even solid timber.


When it comes to working on the CNC routing technique, the sky is our limit to help you meet your business requirements with exceptional and unique graphics – no matter what your need is, we have a solution in place to meet it. What we can need from you? A vector outline drawing file in PDF, EPS or Ai format, that’s all that we need to machine it and produce spectacular graphics. Don’t have access to software? It’s ok. We have the software to draw up your requirements and program files accordingly. We also take care of edge taping and cutting to size, so we are really your one-stop shop for your CNC routing requirements.

Here’s a quick reference to our tooling guide:

  •         MDF sheets up to 25 mm, we use 3 – 8 mm diameter cutter
  •         Maximum thickness of the stock for full-depth cutting is 40mm while for engraving is 80 mm.
  •         For aluminium up to 10 mm thickness, we use  2-6 mm diameter cutter.
  •         For acrylic up to 25 mm thickness, we use  2-6 mm diameter cutter.

So what are you waiting for? Contact the experts at Sign & Fitouts for your unique CNC routing requirements today and see how we can surprise you with our results.

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Signage Melbourne - Custom sign - Sign maker - Sign writing - Sign and Fitouts
Signage Melbourne - Custom sign - Sign maker - Sign writing - Sign and Fitouts
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Signage Melbourne - Custom sign - Sign maker - Sign writing - Sign and Fitouts