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3D Lettering & Illuminated Signs

If you need round-the-clock exposure for your brand to increase your customer base, an illuminated signage is a great way to meet your needs.

Illuminated signs can increase your brand’s visibility and attention as they work day and night delivering your brand and marketing message to your customers round the clock. This leaves a bigger impact on your customers and makes your brand gets noticed better among all your competitors.

If your business operates in a busy commercial space or area, an illuminated signage can increase your chances of standing apart and getting noticed by your customers from a distance. This is where Sign and Fitouts can come to your rescue.

At Sign and Fitouts, we can deliver custom-made illuminated signage that you can use both indoors and outdoors to increase your brand’s awareness and presence easily and cost effectively. Our range of illuminated signs include the best in the market – from digital displays and LED boards to neon signs and light boxes. Additionally, we make use of high-quality material to design signs that suit your business location and local competition. Our 3D and illuminated signs can suit all types of business needs and can leave a mark for your business day and night – whether you need a large sign at the rooftop, or a small digital signage that also includes an audio and touch screen. Our expert in-house team not only produces great signage, but can also help advise the best placement for your signage so it gets noticed by your customers the most.