3D Sign Featuring Push Through Letters

3D sign, push through sign, shop sign

Audio Hearing, a leading audiology practise, requested a modern, neat Custom Sign for the exterior of their Doncaster branch.

To achieve this look, we opted for a sign with push through letters. These remarkable 3D Signs can be made in any size. For Audio Hearing, our Preston-based, skilled workshop staff built a 5m long sign printed with their brand colour. Then, using a CNC Router, we cut individual 3D Letters from acrylic. Each letter was grooved in the back to allow for insertion of LED lights. Finally, the grooved, shining 3D letters were pushed through the sign to create a striking Illuminated, 3D effect.

3D Push Through Letters leave a lasting impression on passers-by. They are a great option for shops looking to stand out within busy shopping centres, or for businesses who want their Signage to shine throughout the night. 

At Sign and Fitouts, we recognise different businesses have different signage requirements. Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure we understand exactly what you want. Get in touch today!