3D Illuminated Sign Can Help Your Stall Stand Out!

Sign exhibition stand, 3D letter sign, Illuminated sign

ExpoNet specialize in exhibitions and event organisation; they approached Sign and Fitouts wanting an arresting 3D Illuminated Sign that would help Tetra Pack, a well-known packaging company, stand out in a busy exhibition centre. 

Illuminated 3D Signs can be made in a variety of sizes; smaller sized illuminated signs are the perfect option for Exhibition Stands or reception desks. To achieve this effect, we used thick opal acrylic. Opal acrylic is a thermosetting plastic that, due to its opaque nature, allows light to pass through, making it the perfect material for Light Boxes and illuminated displays. The opal acrylic was grooved in the back and filled with small LED Lights. The final result was a polished design that exudes a soft light, attracting passers-by.

Illuminated 3D Letters can be custom made to suit your needs; they can be side-, back- or front- lit. It all depends on the effect you are attempting to create. Our experienced staff can guide you through the many options we have available to meet your signage needs. Get in touch today!