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Turn a Bike to Pavement Sign

An Italian Restaurant needed a viable sign to attract pedestrians to their restaurant at Southgate Avenue, Southbank, Melbourne.

The challenge was the fact that no A-frame or A-board sign is allowed at Southgate Avenue. As a professional sign maker in Melbourne with a wide range of signage solutions, Sign & Fitouts came up with a unique yet practical way to turn a bicycle into a mobile signage for the restaurant.

A little engineering and totting up was needed to make sure the bicycle could be used both as a durable, waterproof outdoor sign when parked by the restaurant and otherwise as a normal bicycle safe enough to ride.

The client was impressed by the quality of the end result. In spite of the hard, time-consuming process of shaping a piece of strong aluminium panel to match the body of the bike and then installing the panel onto it then put cut out vinyl on top, the final result was eye-catching and manifested a successful signage solution.