A Modern 3D Sign for a Modern Medical Centre

Custom sign, 3d sign, building sign

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Our client, “Turn the Cornermedical centre in Northcote, requested a modern, unique and sleek 3D Building Sign for the exterior of their new building. At Sign and Fitouts, we regularly seek innovative solutions to service the needs of our clients. Building Signs, such as this one, can be made in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

To achieve this effect, we wrapped two separate aluminium composite panels with printed vinyl in the two different shades of blue. Then, we fitted them together to create one seamless ‘backboard.’ Next, we cut individual 3D letters from acrylic using a CNC router. Each letter was then carefully glued onto the sign using pins and glue.

This custom building sign conveys professionalism and modernity, and is sure to turn heads in a busy street.

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