How to make a custom stand for your brand display?

Custom sign, custom stand, brand display

How to make a custom stand for your brand display? You need a drawing or reverse engineering. Not easy. You should have a deep knowledge of materials, manufacturing methods, right tools and creativity.

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Sign and Fitouts is a quality signage company in Melbourne. We are signage manufacturer  and accept signage design, custom signs, custom stands and custom brand display jobs. We helped many shopfitters and design companies in the past to fabricate and deliver quality jobs to their clients.

Custom Stand and Custom brand display

We got an order to create a custom stand from Ted Baker. We had an image of end product and some dimensions. First we redraw the parts and make the file ready to cut with our CNC Router which we use it for custom business signs, custom stands and custom brand display. When you need to put your custom stand in a showroom, exhibition or shopping centre, stability and finishing is very important.

Materials and Finishing

When you are choosing materials for this type of stands, be careful. All materials should match. If you choose MDF which we did 18 mm for structure and 9 mm for baskets, you must choose suitable paint and painting method for a good finishing. Anyway, we designed it very accurate and it made the nice finishing easier. We fabricate the structure, with special fixtures, don’t forget fine sand and 2 part under coat. We assembled the baskets with MDF glue and hidden nails for extra strength. The rest is easy. Just spray painting as final coat. At the end we applied printed TED BAKER canvas on top of the stand.

Custom sign, sign fabrication
display stand, custom sign

The result was amazing. Branded custom stand ready to put the artificial fruit products in showrooms or exhibitions.

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